With remarketing, you should be able to get a better return on investment from pretty much every online marketing activity you do.

I’m hoping you’re reading this article because you have said, “I’ve heard of remarketing and have no idea how to do it, but I want it.”

This is an all-too common comment from small business owners we have worked with. Many businesses have marketing strategies in place but aren’t able to generate the leads and sales they’re hoping for. Most are unaware they can potentially have a second bite at the cherry if they miss out the first time around by using remarketing.

By setting up some new opt-in funnels, beyond your original content or landing page, you can create follow up offers or content triggers to re-engage with your original prospect who visited your website.

The basic template looks like this:

  1. Orignal Content:
    Ads to advertise opt-in offer or relevant content
  2. If Opted They Opt In:
    Ads to advertise a follow up offer (something free or a value add to recent content they viewed)
  3. Second Bite Content:
    Ads to advertise a secondary offer if they don’t (again, something free or a value add to recent content they viewed)

As you can see remarketing allows you to display these ads to anyone who visits any page on your website with or without opting in.

If a visitor has opted in, we then remarket to them with ads for a follow up offer to encourage more business. If a person clicks back to your website and fills out the form for that offer, the ads then change a second time to remarket your secondary offer to again encourage more business.

Depending on how far prospects have made it through each sales funnel, you use remarketing to encourage them to take the next step and so on.

Think about this: What if I met you face-to-face and expressed interest in working with you. I then wanted to learn more, so I’ll most likely head to your website, but maybe I’m a little reluctant, so I don’t buy just yet.

Over the next couple of weeks your ads follow me with remarketing. I might be doing something else on the web, but then I see your ad and think, “Yes, now it’s time to go for it,” and you make a sale when they are ready.

Remarketing lowers the chances of your prospects going elsewhere and purchasing from your competitors.

If remarketing sounds like something your business should be exploring, please enquiry online or contact our team on 1800 QUBESOCIAL (1800 782 376).

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