Growing your email list is the lifeline of your business. Your subscribers are valuable assets because, with proper lead nurturing, they can be converted into buying customers over time.

In fact, according to Wordstream, 59% of B2B marketers say email is their most effective channel in terms of revenue generation. Additionally, 80% of retail professionals (B2C) indicate that email marketing is their greatest driver of customer retention.

So your email strategy has a huge impact on your bottom-line and ability to keep customers coming back to you for more. But it all starts with finding creative yet effective ways to build your greatest asset to create favourable results for your business.

So, here are several ideas to grow your email list and drive more qualified leads into your sales funnel:

1) Test Exit-Intent Technology
Exit-intent technology, or the ability to detect when a visitor is heading over to close their browser – or exit – from your website and present a last-time offer to opt into your list, has been proven to increase conversion rates substantially. Neil Patel shared that he increased his opt-in percentages by 46% when using exit-intent technology on his website at

There is power in using this form of pop-up to improve your conversions, however, it’s also important that it doesn’t interfere with user-experience. One way is ensuring your last-minute offer is highly valuable that encourages visitors to concur and give their contact details.

A tool like OptinMonster is a good place to start to test this feature on your website. If you find that it enhances your page while boosting your conversions, keep at it!

2) Add Download Forms within Your Blog Content
Your blog posts is an excellent outlet to educate your audience and offer solutions to industry-related problems your consumers often experience. So, it’s great for brand awareness.

However, when you optimise your blog posts for leads, it can become a lead generating machine for your business. The key: including download or opt-in forms within your blog content as your visitor is currently reading.

First, many marketers miss leaving a call-to- action that tells people what to do next (like to opt-in), which is a huge mistake in missing out on capturing fresh leads from their content. Secondly, when they do, it’s often at the end of the post. This is okay, but a better idea is to have it mentioned in the body so your reader has a greater chance of seeing it.

With your download offer, be sure that it supports the topic the visitor is currently reading. For example, if your title is “Reasons to Grow Your Own Tomatoes”, a great download offer could be a free cookbook that features tomato based recipes.

The reader is already interested in the topic, so give them more on it while boosting your leads in the process.

3) Create a Video Educational (Free) Product
Video has an amazing ability of capturing attention and moving viewers to action. Actually, marketers who use video grow revenue 49% faster than non-video users (Source: Hubspot). Consumers prefer video over many forms of content and desire to see more of it from brands.

With that said, give the people what they want! Use video to create an educational product to give away for free. This could be a recorded or live webinar broadcast that dives deep into a subject matter that relates to your market’s needs. The big advantage of hosting webinars is that you build your list with each registrant. To be successful, your topic needs to fresh and super- relevant to your target audience. Promotion is key to driving awareness, whether through paid advertising on social media or organic posts.

Another idea is creating a 5-day training or challenge series where you teach a concept and each day builds upon the next. These are perfect email marketing
content because your subscribers will anticipate the next training. This ultimately improves your open-rates and gets your recipients in the habit of engaging with your email content.

Your lead generation strategy is vital to growing your business. Implement these tips to steadily build your subscriber base. With consistency, you’ll have more leads to work with towards increasing revenue and your bottom-line.

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