It seems as though digital strategy has quickly become an everyday buzzword.

Every business, small or large, is now reassessing their marketing and overall business strategy to understand how best to leverage the new digital marketing tools out there to gain any advantages they can.

But for many, the term ‘digital strategy’ seems daunting and difficult to articulate when integrating into to your overall strategy. Considering how rapidly these tools have developed, it is normal to ignore digital marketing tools right away – it takes time to understand what forms work with your business, and what your goals are, and ultimately whether you have the time, budgets or understanding to utilise them.

However, that does not mean your business should not have it at all. It is crucial to undertake steps to integrate a digital strategy over time though, rather than putting it off. A digital strategy is essential for many reasons, here are just a few:

1) Visibility like never before

Digital marketing opportunities allow you to target audiences like never before, and having a digital strategy in place means that you can gain critical data and use it for actionable insights that will significantly enhance your current marketing efforts. Whether it is your website, mobile, email, social media or a combination of all, use it, and use it well.

This will help you gain incredibly essential data that can help you determine:

  • who your audience is
  • what they like
  • what their pain points are

You can use this data to create targeted marketing campaigns, re-energise current efforts and create a strategy that will get you the exposure and engagement you need to take your business to the next level.

2) Understand the competition

The hard truth is, any marketplace is overcrowded, and there is significant competition on all sides. The best way to beat it? Use digital tools to understand what your competition is doing – and then do it better. Whether it is marketing through different platforms, content creation or just really engaging with your target audiences online, observe it and innovate accordingly.

Many businesses use digital marketing tools as a supplement to their existing efforts, not as the primary tool. However, that is a mistake as a successful digital strategy must take into account current activity along with what your competition is doing to have maximum impact.

3) You will fall behind

The last point directly ties into this. If you are unsure of what the competition is doing, and how others are using digital tools for their businesses – you will ultimately fall behind and lose market share. Large companies are investing heavily in their digital infrastructure and strategy because that is the future, and it is the best way to move forward, but small or medium businesses often don’t know about affordable (or even free) digital marketing tools are available that can seriously improve their marketing.

Having digital tools at your disposal enables your business to:

  • make faster business decisions
  • gain valuable insight into the market and customers
  • create marketing that genuinely gives you bang for your buck
  • continue to innovate

That last bullet is essential: The most reliable way to move a business forward is to continually evolve, and that is very difficult without having a digital strategy in place. Initially, creating and executing a digital strategy may seem daunting, especially if you don’t have experience, which is precisely what we assist with qubeSocial. At qubeSocial, we will help you understand the marketplace and positioning and establish a robust and rewarding digital strategy.

For some, it is the monetary cost associated that becomes the main deterrent against adopting a digital strategy. In that case, it is better to start with small steps in constructing a manageable approach that looks into what platforms are best for your niche and focuses efforts on those. In every instance, we see a positive return on investment, and you’ll soon be wondering why you weren’t doing this before.

Contact us at qubeSocial to learn more about implementing your digital strategy and other social marketing opportunities.

We can build your website, improve SEO and Google rankings, create content schedules, run PPC and retargeting and numerous other tasks – but we will start with what is going to work for your business and budgets.

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