Many seem to believe that with the advent of digital marketing, visual reigns supreme.

Who needs actual words anymore, when you can convey so much with simple images? While yes, there is some truth to that statement, there is a lot more nuance within it. 

Visuals are definitely important for any marketing or branding endeavor, but so are the words that accompany the images. Without the right copy, your images and other content simply will not have the impact they could, and campaigns fall flat.

The value of great copy is often overlooked, but words are what sells your products and it is important to have well-written copy accompany your efforts – whether it is marketing campaigns, point of sale brochures, email copy or web content. Without the right copy in place, there is no way to tie your branding together or create a real experience for your customer. That is why it is absolutely essential to invest in copy… as well as the person who will undertake writing it.

Professional copywriting is especially important for small businesses, because it will help shape overall marketing strategy and the areas that need improvement or attention. There are many benefits associated with working with a professional copywriter that must be considered during the process, but some of the top reasons to work with a professional copywriter include:

1) The right expertise

The most important benefit associated with working with a professional copywriter? The level of expertise, knowledge, and experience they bring with them. You can leverage their talent, and prior work to really create something that is uniquely tailored to your business.

Professional copywriters know the industry standards, what sells and how to align that with your overall business objectives. The expertise they are able to bring with them is generally hard to find elsewhere and can lead to some really great results for your business.

2) Outside the box thinking

The other benefit that is important to consider is the fresh perspective they can bring. One of the challenges with developing copy in-house is that it is often not very fresh, or innovative. Sometimes, you have to bring in someone who is not as close to the business so that they are able to really tap into their creative side and go out of the box.

A professional copywriter will be able to really bring to light what is unique about your business because they will not have the same attachment as you will, and that is extremely important. Having an unbiased third-party write your copy will give you actionable insights on your business is perceived from the outside in.

3) Free up resources

Resource allocation and management are crucial in a small business, mainly because there are not as many resources, to begin with. Ensuring efficiency is crucial, as is ensuring that employees are able to focus on the projects they need to. Outsourcing copywriting can help achieve this, and give you the opportunity to focus on other efforts.

Similarly, if you even have a dedicated marketing department they are often swallowed up in trying to keep up with your business and its marketing efforts, you should seriously consider using a professional copywriter. This will help marketing departments refocus their workload on pressing matters, while also providing you with the right resources your business needs to show off its value in an efficient manner.

Ultimately, investing in the right copy is crucial to your business and its overall success – as is investing in the right talent to write it. These words are what will sell your business, and take your branding strategy to the next level, so it is incredibly important to ensure that your copy reflects the best your business has to offer.

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